Be Bolder is hosted by Lindsay Karas Stencel, venture capitalist and lawyer, who is always striving to Be Bolder. In this show she’ll share her experiences with listeners on how living your authentic life will lead to success in life and business.

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Be Bolder will premier in August 2020. What’s Be Bolder? This weekly podcast hosted by Lindsay Karas Stencel will share her take on what it means to live boldly – being genuine, sharing your life skills authentically, self reflection on becoming your true self, setting life standards, and much more, so that you can live boldly and be the best entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and human being. Subscribe now to be one of the first to hear the premier episode and join our community on Instagram at @beboldercast. 

What does it mean to be bolder? It took me years to figure that out. In our first episode we’ll be braking down the first half of the BOLDen Rules and how you can fit them into your life. Be ready to take a hard look at how you’re living and if it’s truly what you want for your life.

In this episode we cover the second half of the BOLDen Rules. Missed the first five? Listen to episode one first. This week we cover setting boundaries, knowing your worth, and when to send that perfect gif (hint: always send the gif). As always if you enjoyed this weeks episode, subscribe, rate, review, and share!

When you ask boldly, don’t be surprised when you get it. In this episode, LKS will take you through some challenging times, lessons learned that finally allowed her to step into her own shine and ask boldly for what she wanted in life, and how you can start to too. 

In this episode we are joined by Calvin Cooper, co-founder and CEO of Rhove, a fintech company founded to turn every renter into an owner. We discuss with Calvin how trusting the plan the universe has for you leads you on paths you may not have envisioned for yourself but brings you to where you should be. Calvin shares how that trust in the universe and process ultimately brought him to be CEO of Rhove.

Stepping into your shine is hard, but once you’re there it’s amazing. In this episode and over the next few weeks, Lindsay will be discussing what it takes to step into your shine, dance with your demons, and leave the haters in the dark. 

In this week’s episode we planned to talked about leveling up. We are switching gears a bit and still talking about leveling up, but leveling up as a society and as humans for how we talk about mental health and illness. If the episode name didn’t give it away, we’re naming names, calling out the problems, and applauding those who have taken that steps to speak out and level the f**k up.

In this weeks episode we’re talking about the glow up and leveling up physically. What does that mean? When you’ve been putting in all that hard work behind the scenes on the inside, it’s time to allow the outside to match inside. That can be deciding to ditch all your suits in favor of sparkly jumpsuits because that’s what makes you feel comfortable or whatever else makes you feel like you – and not what society told you to be. 

In this episode we are joined by Elsa Isaac, wardrobe stylist extraordinaire. Elsa shares her passion for helping women feel truly seen and comfortable in their clothes, and helping their inner beauty shine. Elsa will share her journey from her first music video shoot she styled to today, and why for her, it’s more than about just about clothes.

In this week’s episode we’re starting our adventure in venture! Lindsay’s favorite topic next to puppies. How do venture capital (VC) firms work and make money? LKS will walk you through those basics and debunk a few myths along the way.

In this week’s episode we’re continuing our adventure in venture! Lindsay is tackling DEI or diversity, equity, and inclusion in VC… or the lack thereof and what steps we can all start taking today to make the investment and startup world start to look like the world we live in every day. Part of that answer just might be squeezing out the garbage people.

In this week’s episode Lindsay is digging into a few things investors and entrepreneurs should definitely avoid, unless they want to get nominated for a BOLDy. One award, you don’t want. This can include investing in companies and then charging them consulting fees or going from persistent to aggressive with your follow up. It’s a fine line to walk. but can be the difference between getting that investment or going with a bad investor. 

Wrapping up our four part adventure in venture, this week Lindsay speaks with her good friend and our guest, Michael Redd. Michael Redd has been building, developing and investing in tech-focused startups since he retired from the NBA in 2013. After twelve seasons as a professional basketball player, both in the NBA and the US Olympic team in 2008, Michael has continued a strong drive toward excellence in his focus on ventures off the court. He has recently announced his involvement with ADvantage Sports Tech Fund as a venture partner. Since he was eight, Michael has always been searching for his next mountain to climb. First it getting to THE Ohio State University, then the NBA, and now he’s climbing the mountain of the venture world. Their conversation covers what he’s learned on his adventure in venture and what he hopes to see changed.

In this week’s episode Lindsay dives deep into resiliency. Is it something your born with or something you can learn? She also shares her story of resiliency and her battle with the darkness, and special thanks to her two saviors Ogie and Stella.

In this week’s episode we’re still covering what makes us resilient. Dealing with great losses have profound effects on us all and how we navigate through that grief helps build the muscles of resiliency. Lindsay shares the story of losing her queen Stella, who we heard about in episode 13, and was so much more than just a dog. It’s easier to just push grief deep down, but you learn later on it’s best to just drive through that grief and keep surviving.

Life will knock us down…a lot. How you get back up each time says a lot about the person you are. In this week’s episode, Lindsay shares why and when she decided to get back up and attack the world with love and joy. 

This week we’re rounding out our chapter on resiliency, with gratitude. Oh and it just happens to be the week of Thanksgiving, talk about timing! Gratitude is the quickest forgotten emotion. So let’s now take a moment and with an attitude of gratitude to be Thankful for the good, the bag, the ugly, and the beautiful things life has brought us, especially after this year. 

This week we’re talking about sex and startups, and when you really think about, they actually have a lot in common. Okay, hang in there with us, we promise we’re going somewhere with this, but you’ll just have to listen to find out. Questions for Lindsay or want to share your story?

This week Lindsay is joined by Danielle Blount, who usually is the magic behind the computer of this show and also Lindsay’s Chief of Staff. The two chat about grit. What is grit? Everyone can define it differently, but really it’s just a sexier word for hard work. The two break down what makes someone gritty, why entrepreneurs need it, and how grit has helped them work successfully together for over five years.

In this week’s episode Lindsay is diving into Startup Darwinism. What makes some startups survive and others die off? Adaptability. Founders and in turn their teams must be able to adapt to the ever changing landscapes of startups in order to survive and ultimately become successful. 

This week Lindsay’s covering when it’s okay to bring the confidence. Confidence isn’t getting caught up in all the press or awards, no it’s knowing when you fought for seat at the table, or hell you are bringing the whole table. Don’t let people make you justify your work of why you’re there. 

This week Lindsay’s covering when it’s okay to bring the confidence. Confidence isn’t getting caught up in all the press or awards, no it’s knowing when you fought for seat at the table, or hell you are bringing the whole table. Don’t let people make you justify your work of why you’re there. 

In this episode Lindsay breaks down why your “new year, new me” will probably fail. Mostly due to the fact that you failed to prepare and relied on an arbitrary date on the calendar to set new goals. Listen in as Lindsay gives you a few different ways to avoid giving up on those goals and think about setting goals a bit differently.

We’ve gone through what you should do to prepare to set your goals, now as Lindsay returns from her own wintering, she’s ready to share her goals for the new year. Lindsay, like many others spent a long time saying “yes” to everything, well that is changing this year. This year, Lindsay is starting at no, and people need to earn a yes. Listen this week and Lindsay shares how she got to here after her wintering reset.

This week Lindsay is joined by Celine Krzan, whom she credits with helping to build to the “LKS” brand. They dive into where to start when building your brand, not being afraid to be your authentic self, and being okay with the embracing your strange beautiful self. Celine will share some great tidbits, so you might also want to bring a notebook for this episode.

Celine Krzan is a PR, marketing, and content strategy specialist who has worked with startups and nonprofits across all industry sectors. Celine is a trained performer, bringing a unique perspective and innovative attitude to each team she works with.

This week Lindsay is building off her conversation last week with Celine Krzan in Episode 24 and diving a bit more into authenticity. What makes you authentic? It’s more than just being smart or organized, those are table stakes. What really makes you, you? The key we learn this week is that it must be truly, boldly, you, or else people will pick up on it. 

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